Join Lissa Rankin, MD and Rachel Abrams, MD for a FREE hour long teleseminar to talk about how you can learn to listen more closely to the signals your body gives you and to connect with your Body Compass to create a life your body loves.  We’ll discuss our own struggles and how we’ve learned to navigate using body intelligence for deeper harmony with our bodies, the earth herself, and the people we love.

What does it mean to follow your Body Compass? Sometimes it speaks in subtle ways before it speaks more dramatically in the form of acute or chronic illness. For example, on this call, Lissa will discuss the process of how her body recently prodded her to leave Facebook. How did her body speak? How did she know how to interpret what her body was saying? What practices do Lissa and Rachel use to tune into the Body Compass? They will share stories and practices about how our bodies are talking to us all the time, in the most practical of ways, if only we're sensitive enough to listen.