Be More Sea Turtle

I was blessed this past week with being asked to give two talks on BodyWise in Hawaii, and in between talks got to bask in the natural beauty and aloha spirit of the islands. I was touched by a few messages I received while there, that I wanted to share with you.

Rachel Abrams
Anti-Inflammatory Living

You probably don’t spend much time thinking about inflammation in your body, but inflammation is a buzz-word in the medical community these days is because it is such an important part of health and wellness.

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Election Depression

This is a new diagnosis in my practice. And one with which I am, unfortunately, intimately familiar. Here are the symptoms: Waves of sadness and despair, with or without crying. A feeling that the solid ground has been pulled out from under you. A sense of isolation from the people in your country. Waking up in the morning okay, until you remember the election results — and the onset of tightness in your chest and grief. It’s like someone you love (your country, your hope, your belief in goodness) has died.

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