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Make Love Not War with Terah Harrison - MArch 2019

Host Terah Harisson speaks with Dr. Rachel about creating lifelong fulfilling relationships.


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The Lifestyle News Hound: Emma and Gemma Interview Rachel About Women's Health - September 2017

The entertaining Emma and Gemma discuss everything from motherhood to menopause with candor and humor.


The Boundless Health Podcast: Rachel Carlton Abrams - September 2017

Dr. Scher, a practicing cardiologist, and Doctor Rachel discuss the development and entry of integrative medicine into the medical establishment and how being bodywise can revolutionize your health.


the sleep sense - ep. 47 Helping Women Get Better Sleep through "Body Wisdom" - june 1, 2017

Doctor Rachel and Dana discuss the best sleep strategies for women and for moms, so that you can get the deep restorative sleep that you need for health and vitality.


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Mind body vortex - rediscovering your body's intelligence (1:06:50) - may 22, 2017

True mindfulness requires us to notice our surroundings and intimately experiencing the details of the present moment, starting with our body.

Thousands of years ago, human beings needed to be deeply aware of their environment and in touch with their senses...


Rich roll - Listening to your body's intelligence (1:43:20) - Feb. 6, 2017

We are all innately gifted with something called body intelligence — an intuitive sense of what best serves our mental, physical and emotional well-being. However, most of us disconnect from our bodies’ persistent efforts to communicate, muting it out to favor the breakneck pace of our modern lives.


BodyWise Interview with Dawson Church on High Energy Health (57:30) - april 13, 2017

Hear the conversation between Doctor Rachel and Dawson Church as they discuss BodyWisdom.

Free Live BodyWise 28-Program Information Call (1:05:33)

Listen in for all the information about my upcoming Live 28-Day Program where participants will be able to work with me personally to increase their inner body intelligence.

Learning to Listen to your body for your health (53:43) - Feb. 17, 2017

Conversation with Rick Kleffel of 90.3 KAZU in Monterey about how to listen to your body for the sake of your health!

BodyWise Living Teleseminar: How do we use our Body Compass to Live a Life our Body Loves?
Doctor Rachel and Lissa Rankin (1:05:33) - Feb. 10, 2017

What does it mean to follow your Body Compass? Sometimes it speaks in subtle ways before it speaks more dramatically in the form of acute or chronic illness. For example, on this call, Lissa will discuss the process of how her body recently prodded her to leave Facebook. How did her body speak? How did she know how to interpret what her body was saying? What practices do Lissa and Rachel use to tune into the Body Compass? They will share stories and practices about how our bodies are talking to us all the time, in the most practical of ways, if only we're sensitive enough to listen.

StudioTulsa Medical Monday
BodyWise: Discovering Your Body's Intelligence for Lifelong Health and healing (29:29) - jan. 30, 2017

Doctor Rachel tells us about her remarkable new book, "BodyWise: Discovering Your Body's Intelligence for Lifelong Health and Healing." As Tori Hudson, a nurse who's also the author of "The Women's Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine," has noted of this book: "Chronic fatigue, chronic pain, chronic sleep problems, anxiety/depression, weight gain, and a decrease in sexual function are a common list of problems I see in my practice every day, often all in the same individual. Dr. Abrams has taken her 20 years of clinical experience -- her research, insights, intuition, and intellect -- to bear in producing this resourceful book for women who have one or more of these problems."

Talk 107.3: The Jim Engster Show
Dr. Rachel Abrams talks with Jim Engster (10:45) - jan. 4, 2017

Maggie Linton Show
the importance of being bodywise (13:25) - jan. 10, 2017

HEalERpedia HealCircle
Integrative Medicine and your path to healing. (1:14:01) - dec. 26, 2016

Doctor Rachel discusses integrative medicine for men and women, getting to the root cause of illness, being bodywise in choosing your health care and your healing path, autoimmune health, gut health, menopause and the secrets to lifelong health and happiness.

Live Fit Lean
EP 97 — BodyWise with Dr. Rachel Abrams (1:14:01) - oct. 19, 2016

Listen to your body, it is wise. Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams tells us about her new book BodyWise and how we can listen to our body to treat, repair, and improve it. Prevention is the key, but when the body fails, listen to it, your body will tell you what it needs.

KGO:810 Ethan Bearman
“Chronic Body Depletion,” What It Is and Why You Probably Have It! (7:55) - sept. 12, 2016

Dr. Rachel Abrams joins Ethan to talk why she has created the term “Chronic Body Depletion.” Why are so many of us so tired and so sick? Why her theories of the way we treat the ancient human body in modern times is directly impacting our health.

Salon Shakti
Becoming BodyWise with Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD (1:25:56) - july 6, 2016

What is the state of the union for women and sexuality in the world today? How can we reclaim our full power and passion?

It's your health Radio
BodyWise: Discovering your body's intelligence for lifelong health and healing Talk (13:05)

Dr. Rachel shares her customizable 28-day program, used with thousands of patients in her clinic, for healing the body both physically and emotionally. Through quizzes and detailed self-assessments, she explains how you can evaluate your own body wisdom for different areas in your life―including stress, sleep, libido, pain, anxiety, depression, allergies, and autoimmune issues.


Sage Lavine interviews me on learning how to use your body’s innate intelligence to live with purpose and vision


Audio Exercises


BodyWise Audio Exercises

Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, offers a new approach to healing, showing women of all ages how to decode their symptoms so that they create vibrant and lasting health.

Try out some of these exercises! If you like what you hear, then click the button below and get yourself a copy of BodyWise today!

Exercise 1: Tuning In to Your “Yes” and “No"

Exercise 2: Belly Breathing

Exercise 3: Body Awareness

Exercise 4: Quality of Sensation

Exercise 5: Body Feelings

Exercise 6: BodyWise Movement

Exercise 7: Shifting Pain



The Multi-Orgasmic Woman: Guided Meditations

In these recordings, Dr. Rachel Carlton Abrams will lead you on a relaxing and invigorating journey through all of the major exercises in her book, The Multi-Orgasmic Woman. Increase your passion and your peace of mind with these holistic and Taoist Mediations designed to help you find your own desire and use it in your body for greater pleasure and vitality.