Taking this quiz is the first step to understanding your body wisdom!

Included are tips on how to understand your results and live a life with more vitality.

Directions: Use your answers to tally up your score. Use your total score to find your current "BodyIntelligence" - you will need this number to use as reference upon receiving your results. Have fun! 

1. When eating a meal, are you aware of when you are full prior to becoming “stuffed”? *
2. Do you stop eating before being “stuffed”? *
3. In the last 6 months, how often have you had a “gut feeling” about a decision or a person that turned out to be true? *
4. How often do you listen to and follow your “gut feelings” about a decision or a person? *
5. When you feel pain in your muscles or joints, do you stop activities that exacerbate your pain? *
6. Are you aware when your neck, back, wrists, hands or legs are tired from repetitive work activities (such as typing, writing, computer work, phone use, or driving)? Alternatively, if you do work that is physical, are you aware when your body needs a break from the physical work in order avoid pain or injury? *
7. If your work situation allows it, do you take a break from repetitive work to stand, stretch, walk, rest, or otherwise care for your body at least every 90 minutes? (If your work prevents you from doing this, even if you want to, give yourself a 5—and let’s see if we can find you another job.) *
Add Up your score and get your results!
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