This program is designed to assist you in finding the specific eating, sleeping, and moving program that YOUR body uniquely needs. No one knows better than you, what you need, and the BodyWise program is designed to teach you how to discover the keys to your own health. I’ll be leading you through each of the exercises in the BodyWise book that helps you tune into your own body intelligence, and find the guidance you need to live the life you want.

We launch our 5-week program on May 3rd at 1:00-2:00 pm PST, and will have weekly video calls for the following 5 Wednesdays from 1:00-2:00 PST. You will be able to ask questions of me live, through the chat program on Zoom. You can use your computer or your phone to listen in to our calls. All calls will be recorded for you to access at any time during the course.

YOU deserve to live a life your body loves. And when your healthy body is aligned with a loving community and a purpose that inspires you, there is nothing you can’t do in the world! You may even surprise yourself.