measure and IMprove your Body Quotient

Module 2.1

The BodyWise protocol is about developing body intelligence at four different levels:

1. Measure: Gather measured observations of health (blood pressure, pulse, weight and height, basic labs, sleep monitoring)
2. Sense: Attend to body sensation (sleepiness, hunger, thirst, muscle fatigue, light-headedness, the need to use the bathroom, pain of various types, sexual desire)
3. Feel: Feelings or intuitions about your body (clenching in your belly—is it stomach flu or fear?, gut intuition, heart's desire, chronic pelvic pain or vaginitis or bladder pain)
4. Discern: Look for patterns of experience that are trying to tell you something, including those influenced by the unconscious mind.

In short:

"Sensing" the body is like understanding the body's basic vocabulary.

"Feeling" the body is like studying the body's poetry or metaphoric expression.

"Discerning" is telling the story of what the body is expressing.